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After having finished his studies, the native-born Viennese travelled to the Netherlands and Germany, laying emphasis on creative stimulation, to finally settle down in Turin in Italy, his new adopted country. By establishing contacts with important Italian artists such as Antonio Carena, Lucio Fontana and Piero Ruggeri he was able to widen his sphere of artistic activities.

In 1975, Heinz Schölnhammer, his wife Ingrid and his son Christian moved to Meran in South Tyrol. Inspired by South Tyrol’s magnificent landscape he consolidated his style of artistic expression. The longing for a harmonious world view is the leitmotif and pursuit of this painter. It is therefore the enthusiasm for the beautiful and balanced, a constant challenge to the life and creative career of the artist.

Heinz Schölnhammer realized in his photorealism paintings with great passion the NEW REALISM (HYPERREALISM), an artistic style that requires an analytical eye for detail. Numerous exhibitions and the participation in many international competitions followed. By winning various awards and by the fact that critics and art collectors were full of praise for him, the artist became a talking point. Mentions in art journals (for instance in “Arte Italiana per il Mondo” or “Bolaffi”) and art encyclopaedias emphasize the longstanding international interest in the artist and his paintings.

Long-term exhibitions in the prestigious art gallery “SAN GIORGIO” in the Italian city Portofino resulted in great success for Heinz Schölnhammer in art galleries in the United States, too (in Houston, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Carmel and other cities). In Germany the artist is represented in the first-rate galleries of Harry Mensing (Munich, Hanover, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Constance, Sylt, Mallorca/Palma). In Austria his works were exhibited mainly in Salzburg and Vienna. In the year 2013, Heinz Schölnhammer returned to his hometown VIENNA. In Hietzing, the 13th municipal District of Vienna, he found a studio which was appropriate for him.

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